Would you like to take your life and business to the next level?

Would you like to make more money, build a bigger business, develop better relationships and have more fun?

Chris Widener has been widely recognized as one of the world's top success coaches for twenty years.

Chris was hand selected and mentored by some of the legends of the personal development industry like Zig Ziglar and Jim Rohn. Watch the following video from Chris to hear what it is like to work with him. 


Why Join My Coaching Program?




"After reading his books, watching his seminars, and being a huge fan of all the amazing content throughout the years...

 I decided to give him a call and hire him as my personal Coach.  From the first call to the last, Chris more than delivered on his word to give me the tools, strategies and insights to help me have my best year ever! In the last 12 months my personal income has increased by 45% from the year before, my company has grown, I have sharpened my leadership skills, my relationship with my wife and kids has dramatically improved and I have now started writing my first book.  Chris gave me the courage and motivation to pursue what once seemed dreams into today’s reality. If you are looking to take your life to the next level, that is exactly what Chris will help you do. It will be the best choice you will ever make."

Freddy Perez



"Working with Chris Widener has been one of the best decisions I have made. 

Direct results from coaching included doubling my income in one year, establishing a personal brand, creating and executing a business plan to monetize my brand and setting clear benchmark goals for success.  Chris not only aided in the achievement of fiduciary goals but encouraged me to connect to my professional goals on a deeply personal level. Becoming clear on why I wanted to achieve certain things allowed for me set bigger goals and truly create a roadmap to success.  To be able to say with certainty that my dreams are becoming my reality is because of Chris' coaching program. If you are seeking clarity, brand development, personal growth and financial gains, I could not recommend a greater program, coach and confidant." 

Allison Brincefield




"I had the chance to work one on one with Chris.

He helped me with a lot of nuts and bolts along the way that was very helpful. As I was working with Chris, we had a phone call that would change my life: After going back and forth on two businesses, Chris helped me clarify my goals, released a lot of stress and even helped my marriage. One phone call alone is worth ten times what he charges. I highly recommend Chris, his books, speaking, and especially his coaching, most of all he is just a really great and genuine person. Thanks for all you do Chris!"

Dr James R Fedich, DC




"In the first 3 months of coaching with Chris Widener, I learned key phrases for turning a 'maybe' into a 'we HAVE to book her!' 

This resulted in landing quite a few speaking engagements. Chris is always there when I needed him. I’d text him about a speaking opportunity and he would call back within minutes! He also helped me lay out my proposals to be more effective in winning the opportunities in front of me.

Betsy Allen Manning

What you'll Get With Chris Widener's Coaching:

One Pre-Coaching Session going through Chris' Confidential Personal Profile so Chris can fully understand you and your situation.

Two scheduled coaching calls per month with Chris.

• "Anytime Coaching" via email with Chris between calls for shorter, quick discussions.


Your investment in your success, personal life, and career path start here.




One Pre Coaching Session

6 Total Coaching Sessions

"Anytime Coaching" via email with Chris between calls for shorter, quick discussions.





•or two of $3500 30 days apart

One Pre Coaching Session

12 Total Coaching Sessions

"Anytime Coaching" via email with Chris between calls for shorter, quick discussions.






or two payments $6750  OR  3 of $4750 30 days apart

One Pre Coaching Session

24 Total Coaching Sessions

"Anytime Coaching" via email with Chris between calls for shorter, quick discussions.



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